Advantages of Coin Laundry

In coin laundry, you have your own washing machine that you rent to wash your clothes. That means your personal laundry will not mix with other customers. You as a customer manage their own coin exchange, laundering until drying process. This one customer washing machine concept is the reason why the laundromat is individualistic. While in kilogram laundry business, you can only deliver your clothes up to the process of calculating how many kilos of clothes you send for washing, to further your clothing becomes a ‘right’ for the washing clerk. You can not monitor further the washing process until the drying process.

Another advantage is personal. Personal here means your privacy in washing your clothes awake. You must have personal items such as underwear. With the concept of the laundromat, you do not need to be ashamed to wash the personal clothing. Personal equipment you can wash like at home, not seen by others. You can visit us and get the service of laundry nyc.