Healthy Milkshake for Your Kids

Milkshake is one of healthy intake for kids. To make it also quite easy. In fact, if you do not have the time, you can buy it. Visit our website and find Mcdonalds Milkshake Flavors.

Here are some milk shake recipes you can make yourself at home:

– Banana, apple, Mango
Recipe milkshake for children with one of the fruits above has the same procedure. Fruits should be washed, peeled and discarded. The fruit is then mixed together with milk and no need to add sugar.

– Milkshake chocolate biscuits
Most kids love chocolate. Chocolate milk shake recipes for children need milk, vanilla, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and biscuits. Blend all the ingredients together except biscuits until foaming. Then add biscuits and mixture for a minute.

– Milk shake mint
This is one of the healthy drinks for children because it contains all essential vitamins. Children will also love the taste. Blender sliced a banana, spinach, fresh mint leaves and vanilla extract with milk until smooth.