Non-Cash Payment Tool Favorites

Transactions with non-cash payment tools are getting favorites. In addition to more practical, transactions with non-cash payment instruments are also considered more secure. The figure is above 5,000 trillion! Transactions by means of payment by using cards such as debit cards, ATM/debit cards, credit cards as well as electronic money or e-money, the more popular people. During 2016, the number of non-cash payment instruments also increased considerably. The total number of non-cash payment instruments in the form of cards circulating in our midst now reaches 204.75 million cards. The highest number is contributed by ATM/debit card with the amount of circulation through 127.8 million units. While the number of credit cards in circulation today is only 17.4 million. The non-cash payment instruments in the form of e-money alias electronic money circulating in the community now amount to 51.2 million units. Are when the ATM card is circulating, the number of about 83 million units. Compared to using the card, in fact, you will be easier to use 소액 결제 현금화. Why? Usually, by using ATM, you have to wait for the queue in front of ATM machine so it will take a long time while with a mobile payment you can do transaction anywhere and anytime you want, even you can make a deposit without coming to place or bank be where you save.

To know more about the profile and function of each non-cash payment tool, let’s go one by one. If you are currently registered as a bank customer for having a savings account, you almost certainly have this ATM / Debit card. This is the most popular non-cash payment tool. Currently, most bank savings products are equipped with ATM / Debit cards to help account holders transact in ATM (Auto Teller Machine) or EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machines. People who are now increasingly fond of practicality in transactions, at least encourage banks to optimize the existence of ATM / Debit cards. More and more banks offer a variety of exciting features for debit card transactions. Credit cards are often also referred to as plastic money or debt cards. This non-cash payment instrument is a bank product that many banks are targeting. With this magic card, you can enjoy the convenience of shopping transactions to cash withdrawals up to hundreds of millions of dollars in a short time. The lack of credit cards is, the interest rate is quite high on average 2.65% per month at this time. However, credit cards offer many interesting features that can help your shopping more fun, practical and even sparingly. For example, through the features promo air miles, 0% installment, cashback, discounts on various merchants, and so forth.