Symptoms of Coronary Heart In Women Who Much Abandoned

Heart disease is one of the diseases that is generally caused by blood flow that has been clogged due to the narrowing until thickening until the heart can no longer pump blood to the brain and other body parts. The risk of heart disease will increase with someone who has diabetes or high blood pressure. And unknowingly we often ignore some of the symptoms of heart disease, as this is evidenced by some cases when patients affected by the disease are diagnosed when a natural death. This is the most common sign of coronary heart disease but is largely ignored. If the arteries in your body are blocked or natural heart attacks, you may feel pain in your chest until you feel tight. Shortness or pain that occurs this will usually be felt for several minutes, even up to a matter of hours, and can occur when you’re at rest or are doing physical activity. It is important for women to take the best supplement that can maintain your heart health, this supplement contains natural ingredients that is nitric oxide.

Some coronary heart patients will also experience digestive disorders, nausea, and vomiting. Generally will often occur for women sufferers. You may feel that this disorder is because the problem is not a problem with the heart, it will be but because of something you eat, but you also have to remember that this can happen to a heart attack. Heart attacks also result in some parts of the left side of the body that are naturally painful, especially the arms. This is because the spreading effect occurs in a coronary heart attack. Symptoms like this often occur in patients with coronary heart disease in women. Pain usually begins on the chest and spreads to other parts of the body.