How to Use Compression Stockings

If you have serious problems then you should choose high-quality knitwear and do not keep it as buying bad clothes, you not only get the desired effect but also can aggravate the disease. Remember for the quality of knitwear there are stitches or they are very small and not flashy. If you decide to opt for a better medical jersey to consult a doctor as soon as he or she can properly assess your condition and choose the type of knitting that suits you. The best quality comes from us which provides various kinds of thigh sleeve for you.

Compression therapy lasts longer, get ready for it. What you should wear this kind of clothes at least about six months. To treat knits, can remain effective up to 7-8 or even up to 10 months. Then it should be replaced. The treatment of sock compression is the recommendation of hand washing at 40 degrees in a soap solution. Linen should be washed once a week is to remove the acid and salt, to avoid damage to elastane fibers, is responsible for compression. It is advisable to have two sets. Dry the product on a horizontal surface (not spinning), wet towel. Remember, do not use bleach while washing, as well as give softener to it, because it can harm the product.

Then, should we use compression clothes? Although the research and testimony of many runners claim that compression clothing provides benefits, the decision to buy it – at a price that is not exactly low – goes back to each other. If it is really necessary, why not? Because as you can see in the above explanation, this object has so many benefits that you can feel for yourself. If you want to get thigh sleeve with the best quality, you can visit our website.